simplifying EV

EVSE made simple

Simple to install

Ship using standard shipping container trailer. Set in place. One power hookup and ready to charge.

Simple to use

Drive up, Plug in and activate using Smartphone App, ID Card, or Credit card.

Simple to manage

Intuitive web based configuration. Add users, define hours of operation, charge times, reservations, and power budgets. Monitor grid power pricing and limit charging to off peak, lower cost periods.

Simple to maintain

Internal diagnostics send alerts when service is needed. Optional maintenance package available for worry free ownership.

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

Installed & Fully Operational in One Day!

EVShelton BOOSTHUB Charging Stations are the best option when you need to implement or expand electric vehicle charging at your location with minimal site impact. These robust self-contained units are fully operational with just a single power hook up.

Perfect for adding additional charge stations for large events or for temporary or long-term requirements. Whatever the need, EVSheltron has the solution. Available with Solar Panels or LED Signage.

EVSheltron is committed to a greener and more sustainable future; our products reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Product Offerings

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems Installed and Operational in One Day!


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