Electric and Solar Vehicle Charging Systems

Installed & Fully Operational in One Day!

EVSheltron BoostHub-CS Compact Solar Charging Stations implements EV charging with minimal impact. Fully self-contained EVSE enclosure. The container is environmentally sealed and may be permanently anchored to asphalt or concrete. Any model or style of UV Charger can be pre-installed. Hinged / Foldable 5.8K Bifacial solar array panel.

System Description

  • Fully self-contained EVSE, just set and switch on.

  • Environmentally sealed container, no need for additional shelter or protection from the elements.

  • No foundation or anchoring required, may be permanently anchored to asphalt or concrete.

  • Supports up to 3 EV Charge Station locations, Level 2 AC with SAE J1772 Plug. Any model or style of EV Charger can be provided pre-installed.

  • 5.8Kw Bifacial solar panel array for harvesting of solar energy.

  • Hinged / Foldable solar array mounts allow for angle adjustment and stowage for high wind event protection.

  • 41.8KWh Energy Storage Unit (ESU) for internal storage of PV harvested energy.

  • Connection port to infrastructure power (120/240VAC Single Phase 20A) for supplemental ESU Charging.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Unit dimensions

    • • Length: 20’ (6M)

    • • Width: 5’4” (1.6M) Base, Canopy 17’8” (5.4M)

    • • Height: 9’10” (3M) MAX depending on panel angle

  • Operational Temperature Range -20° to 60°C

  • Approx. 5,200 Lbs. (2.5t)

Electrical Specifications

Energy Storage Unit (ESU)
  • • 45.6KWh DC @ 100% DOD

  • • 48V Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) Cells

  • • 10,000+ Charge Cycles

DC/AC Inverter w/ Integrated Battery Charger
  • • 8KW Continuous Load, 16KW Peak

  • • Integrated LFP Charger with BMS Comms

  • • >96% Efficiency

  • • 208/240VDC 60Hz Output to EVCS

  • • 120V Auxiliary Input for ESU Charging

Solar Panels
  • • 10 panel 580W Bifacial PV Array (5.8KW Total)

  • • Adjustable canopy angles optimize solar capture

EV Charger
  • • Single or Dual SAE J1772 Charge Ports

  • • Up to 7.8kW per charge port

  • • 18’ Cords with integrated Cable Management

  • • Optional Wi-Fi or Cellular data connection for configuration, management, and data collection

All Materials UL/IEC/FCC Tested and Certified


  • • Site Delivery and Installation

  • • Quarterly Maintenance Contracts

  • • Configuration / Application Support

  • • Customization for site or user specific needs


  • 24/7 Product support teams ready to assist site owners and users.