Electric Vehicle Charging Systems with LED Display Screen

Installed & Fully Operational in One Day!

EVSheltron BoostHub-CD Compact Charging Stations with Displays are the best option when you need to implement or expand electric vehicle charging at your location with minimal site disruption and need digital signage impact. These robust self-contained units are fully operational with just a single power hook up and support up to three Level-2 EV Charging stations per side.

30”x240” 256x1536 Full Color Led Display Wall for instruction, revenue generation, or emergency information broadcast.

System Description

  • Fully self-contained EVSE, just set and connect.

  • Environmentally sealed container, no need for additional shelter or protection from the elements.

  • No foundation or anchoring required, may be permanently anchored to asphalt or concrete.

  • Supports up to 3 EV Charge Station locations, Level 2 AC with SAE J1772 Plug. Any model or style of EV Charger can be provided pre-installed.

  • Single protected disconnect connection to infrastructure power (240V or 480V 3ϕ AC) for simple hookup.

  • Internal step-up / step-down transformer as needed to support EVSE power requirements.

  • 400A Panelboard for individual EVSE overload protection / fault isolation.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Unit dimensions

    • • Length: 20’ (6M)

    • • Width: 5’4” (1.6M)

    • • Height: 8’10” (3M)

  • Operational Temperature Range -20° to 60°C

  • Approx. 5,200 Lbs. (2.5t)

Optional Features

  • Charge Station upgrade to 25/50KW “Level 3” DC-Fast Charge w/CCS(2) / CHAdeMO plugs.

  • Emergency power panel supplies 110/240VAC via standard 20A duplex receptacles w/GFCI for user safety.

  • Provision for External UL916 “Smart Meter” for standalone utility service.

  • Intelligent control package with cellular data service to support user access control via App RFID Card or FOB. Administration via secured web portal.

  • Remote Digital signage administration and content scheduling system for coordinated targeted advertising campaigns.


  • • Site Survey/ Installation plan development

  • • Site Delivery and Installation

  • • Quarterly Maintenance Contracts

  • • Configuration / Application Support

  • • Customization for site or user specific needs


  • 24/7 Product support teams ready to assist site owners and users.